User Experience Design Consulting

Sociomedia is a design consulting company based in Tokyo. We are specializing in offering great user experiences of various information technologies and services for enterprise, web, mobile, and more. Our solutions are backed up with the expertise in human-computer interaction, usability engineering, and information design.

UX Strategy

UX Strategy is a business strategy which focuses on the proactive management of customer experience values, and promote the administration, operation, or implementation of/in the corporate structure and activities by placing the philosophy of user experience at the center of the organization. We help your UX strategy for realizing the innovative ideas.

Design Research

To bring excellent user experiences, it first requires excellent insights about how users touch your products/services, what they feel on them, and how they react for them, to find out the latent issues on the current design. We research for that with the methods of user observation, contextual interview, heuristic evaluation, and usability testing.

Concept Design

When you start planning, it's time to start designing. Instead of the traditional water-fall designing process, we offer to design by an iterative process. For that, it is important to check if the project is satisfying the requirements consecutively and make decisions with the early modeling or prototyping as our concept design.

User Interface Design

Users always interact with your service through its user interface. Designing UI is not decoration. Designing UI needs some special skills to build organic structure with a new perspective or meaning spaces for realizing great ideas. Sociomedia, a professional UI design studio, helps connecting your business goal and the users with our UI design skills based on the user-centered and usability engineering methods.

UX Strategy Forum

For exploring UX strategy, we have set four perspectives - UX Management, UX Methods, UX Metrics, and UX Leadership. Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum offers insights from those perspectives through our events and informative contents.

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Textwell is a multipurpose textbox app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. Textwell can be used for any writing tasks such as emailing, blogging, searching, coding, authoring, posting to SNS, and so on. Unlike other text editors or notepad apps, Textwell doesn't have features for filing and styling. Instead, Textwell acquires real simplicity and extensibility with its powerful JavaScript-based action mechanism, automatic history storing, flexible cloud syncing, and fulfilling continuity features.

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