Sociomedia - Designs for Transformation

Sociomedia is a design consulting company based in Tokyo. We design to encourage the world for digital transformation. Today every industry has to redesign the traditional business model, workflow, and service experience from the digital native perspective. Sociomedia specializes in support of design strategies in industries such as IT, media, finance, construction, manufacturing, medical, retail, etc., research on design quality, and human interface of various enterprise systems and business applications.

Experience Strategy

Experience Strategy is a business strategy which focuses on the proactive management of customer experience values, and promote the administration, operation, or implementation of/in the corporate structure and activities by placing the philosophy of user experience at the center of the organization. We help your experience strategy for realizing the innovative ideas.

Design Research

To bring excellent user experiences, it first requires excellent insights about how users touch your products/services, what they feel on them, and how they react for them, to find out the latent issues on the current design. We research for that with the methods of user observation, contextual interview, heuristic evaluation, and usability testing.

Human Interface

As a specialized company in user experience, Sociomedia has been designing human interfaces of various digital products. In particular, we are involved in designing software that is complicated and directly connected to the business, such as large-scale enterprise systems, core business applications, industrial applications, and professional work applications.

UX Strategy Forum

For exploring user experience strategy, we have set four perspectives - UX Management, UX Methods, UX Metrics, and UX Leadership. Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum offers insights from those perspectives through our events and informative contents.

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