The Modeless Textbox for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Watch.

Textwell is a multipurpose textbox which can be used for any writing tasks such as emailing, blogging, searching, coding, authoring, posting to SNS, and so on. Unlike other text editors or notepad apps, Textwell doesn't have features for filing and styling. Instead, Textwell acquires real simplicity and extensibility with its powerful JavaScript-based action mechanism, automatic history storing, flexible cloud syncing, and fulfilling continuity features.

Textwell for iOS
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We believe that, within iOS, there should be a super simple writing tool as your starting point which absorbs any contexts and assists your following actions. That's why we made Textwell.

Textwell for Mac
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Finally the experience comes to your Mac. Textwell for Mac has been designed with the same concept and features as that iOS version has, but it is much faster and easier to use in the big screen.

Simple Smart Singleton

Despite writing is the most basic and frequent activity that you do on your computer, why do you need to open different apps for each time to start typing? Despite ideas always come to you before you decide what you do with them, how do you know the best place to jot them down among 100 apps on your device?

We believe that it is unreasonable to switch apps and adjust your behavior for just typing. We believe that it makes your life more natural if your writing experience is unified.

The key concept of Textwell is that it's for nothing but just jotting. For the simplicity, it doesn't have features for styling or managing multiple notes, but It is always ready to start writing.

So, Textwell is just like a single sheet of paper. You will write, then erase, and write again on the same sheet.

However, it is a smart sheet. The text can be modified, routed, or shared by variety of actions in plenty of ways. The text will be automatically stored as history. Also, you will find that the singleton is ubiquitous because it appears on all your iOS/Mac devices, and the content will be synchronized.

Customizable Actions

Actions are small JavaScript-based programs that are to handle your text for many purposes such as sending, previewing, converting, inserting, transforming, routing to other apps, etc.

Because Textwell is just a single textbox actually, its high customizability is the premise of convenience. Textwell has some pre-installed useful actions, but they are no more than examples. You can import more actions from the official action library, and you can even create ones by yourself.

By its scriptability, Textwell accepts variety of inputs and outputs in your ways. It means that Textwell will be a console which is connected to other apps and the Internet. Actions are run in the built-in web view translucently. Your text can be modified, sent to other apps, posted to web apps on the Internet, or processed with external programs for getting the results back to the text view.

An action usually works on both Textwell for iOS and for Mac. JavaScript sources for actions will be compatible on both platforms because they run on the same mechanism.

Adding new actions or modifying existing actions to make them fit different user contexts is truly expected in the design concept of Textwell. Learn more about making actions from the Action Scripting Reference.

Automatic History

History is a collection of previous contents of the main text view. Textwell automatically saves the content into history by appropriate timing, so that you can search and take it back some time later.

For example, Textwell automatically stores the content into history when you execute an action such as "Tweet," which post the text to Twitter. It means that some days later you can find and restore what you have posted. For example, Textwell automatically stores the text when you open a text file to replace current content. After some days you are still able to retrieve the content which you had on the text view right before you opened the text file.

Instead of filing multiple notes, Textwell keeps making history of its content as an alternate way to have revisions. History is, however, designed for logging what you write on the text view, and it is not for explicitly saving text data on the disk. To perpetuate your text as a file, you should route the content to other apps or do "Snap" the content onto your iCloud storage.

Cloud Syncing

Textwell uses iCloud to synchronize current text across your devices. The synchronization will be occurred automatically, so that you may feel you have a shared single textbox among every Textwell on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Your text content can be saved and stored as "snaps" also. While history is recorded automatically and implicitly, you can snapshot current content by arbitrary timing, this feature is called "Snap." Snapped contents are saved on your iCloud and can be shared with your devices.

In addition, you can export text or collection of actions onto your iCloud Drive, and then import them from other devices.

Fulfilling Continuity

Textwell supports Apple's continuity and extension features such as Handoff, Today widget, custom action, and Apple Watch.

By Handoff, you can continue working on your writing with iOS devices and Macs back and forth.

For iOS, you can preview the current content of Textwell anytime on the Today widget by pulling down the notification center.

For iOS, apps that support extension provide the action sheet which includes "Add to Textwell." You can pick and insert some text from those apps to Textwell without switching apps.

Now Textwell for iOS supports Apple Watch. You can "Glance" the current Textwell content. Furthermore, the Textwell app for Apple Watch allows some ways of text input - adding time stamp, location stamp, line break, clear all, and of course, dictation.

Learn more about Textwell for Apple Watch

And More

For iOS (v1.5)

  • Supports 3D Touch Quick Action from Home screen to open blank sheet.
  • Supports Slide Over and Split View on iPad.
  • "Apply Side Margins" option for iPad.
  • Supports Apple Watch, including Glance.
  • Supports iCloud Drive.
  • Supports Handoff.
  • Font size, color theme, and bar layout can be changed in the Settings app.
  • Can move caret by swiping on the active text view with one finger (horizontally) or two fingers (any direction).
  • Text can be cleared quickly by scrub gesture.
  • Swiping from a side edge of the screen opens the actions/history list on iPhone.
  • By tapping and holding action button, the "Recent Actions" list will be opened.
  • Tapping navigation bar switches counters for characters, words, and lines. The counter shows counts for whole text and selected range at the same time.
  • Can use "Open in" to send text as a text file to other apps.
  • Text-to-speech by several languages.
  • Actions can be managed with folders.
  • URL schemes, for being integrated with other apps, to insert specific text, import an action, and executing an action.
  • Supports iOS standard action extension mechanism.
  • Can import a text file from iCloud Drive.
  • Can export a text file to iCloud Drive.
  • Can overwrite the previously imported/exported text file in iCloud Drive.
  • "Textwell Preview" widget for Notification Center.
  • "Add to Textwell" extension that can be used in other apps.
  • Can generate original link to share each action.
  • TextExpander supported.

For Mac (v1.1)

  • Supports OS X Yosemite, Handoff, and iCloud Drive.
  • Font, text color, caret color, background color, and selected text background color can be chosen as preference.
  • Action source editor supports syntax coloring.
  • History sidebar, snap sidebar, action sidebar, and status bar can be shown and hidden as you like.
  • Main window can enter full screen mode.
  • Action view (built-in web view) supports its inspector, so that you can debug actions with it.
  • Clicking status bar switches counters for characters, words, and lines. The counter shows counts for whole text and selected range at the same time.
  • Action also can be chosen from contextual menu on main text view.
  • Line numbers can be displayed beside main text view.
  • Main text view can be split.
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to actions.
  • Generates original link to share each action.
  • Can open plain text file from the disk (including iCloud Drive).
  • Can save as plain text file to the disk (including iCloud Drive).
  • Can overwrite the previously imported/exported text file.
  • Actions can be managed with folders.
  • URL schemes, for being integrated with other apps, to insert specific text, import an action, and executing an action.
  • Command-Shif-F to popup the small search box at the caret position to find and execute an action.

Official Actions (sampled)

  • AirDrop (Mac only. For iOS, you can use AirDrop via "Share..." action.)
  • Add a Task to Clear (iOS only)
  • Add a Task to Clear (Textwell) (iOS only)
  • Add Event to Calendar (All-day) (iOS only)
  • Add Event to Calendar (iOS only)
  • Add Event to Calendar (Now) (iOS only)
  • Add Tasks to Clear (Textwell) (iOS only)
  • Add to Reminders
  • Add to Reminders with Notes
  • ATOK Pad (iOS only)
  • Blog Preview
  • Bullets (*)
  • Bullets (-)
  • Bullets (1.)
  • Bullets (•)
  • Call (iOS only)
  • Change Case
  • Change Font Size
  • Clear Current
  • Clear Text (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Copy Current
  • Copy Text(iOS only)
  • Create a List in Clear (iOS only)
  • Create Item in Appigo Todo (iOS only)
  • Create Item in OmniFocus
  • Create Note in Appigo Notebook (iOS only)
  • Create Note in Notebooks (iOS only)
  • Create Note in Simplenote (iOS only)
  • Cut Current
  • Cut Text(iOS only)
  • Dropbox
  • eBook
  • Email
  • Email (name@company.com)
  • Export Actions to iCloud (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Export Text (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Facebook with Image
  • FaceTime
  • Get HTML
  • Google Drive
  • HTML Escape
  • HTML Preview
  • HTML Unescape
  • Import Text ((iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Indent (2 Spaces)
  • Indent (4 Spaces)
  • Indent (Tab)
  • Insert "(" and ")"
  • Insert "<>" and "</>"
  • Insert "Hello"
  • JSON Stringify
  • Larger Font Size (Mac only)
  • Lazy Search
  • LinkedIn (Mac only)
  • Location Stamp
  • Location Stamp (Coordinates)
  • Markdown Preview
  • Message
  • Message (0123456789)
  • Message (name@company.com)
  • Move Line Down
  • Move Line Up
  • Open in... (iOS only)
  • Open URL
  • Outdent (2 Spaces)
  • Outdent (4 Spaces)
  • Outdent (Tab)
  • Overwrite Text (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Print (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Reorder Lines
  • Reorder Paragraphs
  • Search and Replace (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Search Image with Google.com
  • Search in Amazon.com
  • Search in Amazon.com Kindle Store
  • Search in Daijirin (iOS only)
  • Search in IMDb (iOS only)
  • Search in Ruigo (iOS only)
  • Search in Twitter.com
  • Search in Wikipedia
  • Search in Wisdom (iOS only)
  • Search in YouTube.com
  • Search with Google Maps
  • Search with Google.com
  • Search with Maps
  • Share... (iOS only)
  • Shorten URL
  • Smaller Font Size (Mac only)
  • Sort (Ascend)
  • Sort (Descend)
  • Speech (iOS only. For Mac, this feature is built-in.)
  • Sum
  • Switch Keyboard (iOS only)
  • Textwell Settings (iOS only)
  • Time Stamp
  • Trim
  • Tumblr
  • Tweet
  • Tweet with Image
  • Tweet Direct
  • tyvm
  • URL Decode
  • URL Encode